Software Engineering (SE) (English)

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Lecture 8: software quality
Lecture 9: SEI CMM
Lecture 10: what is iso 9001
Lecture 13: process assessment
Lecture 17: incremental model
Lecture 18: RAD model
Lecture 20: Line of Code (LOC)
Lecture 24: software metrics
Lecture 25: software myths
Lecture 27: cost estimation
Lecture 37: risk management
Lecture 41: data flow diagram
Lecture 42: data dictionary
Lecture 44: uml model
Lecture 50: cohesion
Lecture 51: coupling
Lecture 58: architecture geners
Lecture 71: web design goals
Lecture 79: Aesthetic design
Lecture 80: content design
Lecture 81: navigation design
Lecture 83: maintenance process
Lecture 89: reverse engineering
Lecture 90: unit testing
Lecture 91: system testing
Lecture 92: regression testing
Lecture 93: software testing
Lecture 94: black box testing
Lecture 95: white box testing
Lecture 96: gray box testing