CHE:P-01 Organic chemistry-I(e-PGP) (English)

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CHE:P-01 Organic chemistry-I(e-PGP)
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Lecture 8: Rigid Rotor I
Lecture 9: Hydrogen atom I
Lecture 11: Rigid Rotor II
Lecture 12: Hydroj Atom V
Lecture 14: Particle in a box
Lecture 15: Hydroj Atom III
Lecture 16: Hydrogen Atom IV
Lecture 20: Cyclodextrins - 1
Lecture 23: Inclusion compounds
Lecture 27: Hyper-Conjugation
Lecture 29: Tautomerism
Lecture 37: Hyper-Conjugation
Lecture 39: Tautomerism
Lecture 41: Cyclodextrins - 1
Lecture 42: Cyclodextrins - II